Merging Profiles Into One


Salespeople have trouble accessing returning customer profiles because the search result would show duplicated profiles. This can lead to awkward interactions between a salesperson and their customer. I designed a UI feature to merge duplicated profiles.

User Flows

My Role

Designed new UI feature. Reiterated designs based on the user entered data, feedback and user scenarios.





There were existing designs in a sales system that lacked a robust solution for managing returning customers.

So when a salesperson - the user, searches for a customer’s name, multiple problems occurred. Firstly, searching for an existing customer returned multiple profiles containing identical information, leading to awkward conversations between the the two parties. Second, apart from deleting there was no feature that allowed a salesperson to reduce the number of duplicated profiles. Understandably a salesperson were reluctant to use that feature.

The occurrence of duplicated profiles also indicated that the database was clogged with unnecessary data, so it would be beneficial to merge those duplicated profiles.

Design Goals

  • Notify users when duplicated profiles exist
  • Design for merging duplicated profiles

Sketches & Wireframes

Initial Wireframes
These wireframes focused on comparing two profiles. However looking into the database there were at least 3 duplicated profiles for one customer.
Changed the layout to a table to make it easier for users to compare information.

Low Fidelity Prototyping

A further dive into the database showed 3 different types of profiles; company, retail and government. In light of this, I copied this set of the data into a spreadsheet to test the table layout.

What’s the difference between these profiles? With company and government profiles, there is usually a third  person responsible for organising the vehicle’s servicing and they’re usually not the driver of the vehicle. A retail profile is a private customer who drives that vehicle and is responsible for its maintenance.

Setting the data in a spreadsheet made it easier to see how data is entered by users. In the company profile, users enter first name and the company name with the same value.

User Flow

Customer profiles had many access points. A discussion with developers and other designers, indicated 5 scenarios where a user needs to be notified of a  duplicated profile.

Final Design

Main Flow for Merging Profiles

  • User searches for a customers' profile
  • User is notified of a duplicate while viewing the customer’s profile
  • Selects the details to keep
  • User merges the profiles
Notifying users of duplicated profiles
UI for Merging Customer Profiles
UI For Merging Business & Goverment Profiles
Selecting Details to the ‘Final Profile’

The ‘Final Profile’ is a preview of the resulting profile when it's merged.